New Video: British Electro Soul Act seyr’s Psychedelic Visuals for Spectral New Single “crowds”

seyr are a rather mysterious London-based duo, who received attention locally and elsewhere for a spectral take on electro soul before going on a lengthy, self-described hiatus. Interestingly enough, the duo recently returned with One of Very Few, the duo’s latest EP, which was released on their new label Glass Ivy in collaboration with Back To Future Sounds — and the EP’s first single, “crowds” features a moody and spectral production consisting of shimmering and fluttering synths and stuttering drum programming paired with achingly tender and soul vocals reminiscent of Bilal, JOVM mainstay ACES and others.

While employing the use of both old timey stock footage with psychedelic imagery, the recently released visuals for the “crowds” further emphasizes the song’s aching loneliness and icy vibes.




“Press play to seyr. A s/llness in momentary feeling. A connec/on that is tangible within our consciousness “

The band detail the EP: “We’ve been away for a bit. We didn’t realise how life can just creep up on you, and fade out your plans or dreams when least expected. Call it naïvety. But I think inside, we’re all still, and always will be, the little kid we were when we were first brought into this world. We’ve come to realise the power of ideals, and how other ideals can intercept and disrupt your own. The idea of what we ‘should be’ doing, skewing the vision of what we want to do. Following your own vision can be a hard road to go down, filled with criticism, and doubt. I think we see why people feel that way. But it’s a road that is pathless to us.”

They go on to add: “We still feel lost sometimes, and I think we always will. But instead of trying to find ourselves maybe we should be looking at what we are now. Seeing things come and go, watching things take their course. Making room for the next thought. For the next idea. For the next version of ourselves. The time away has given us space to think about where we want to go. We have been kept alive by the non blood related family around us. More so by the bond we have between us as seyr.”

 Next for seyr:

Time away has given head space for more. Expect more content and follow ups from this years release such as new singles, a cover EP, and a concept EP, involving never used before instrumentation. Live gigs will be less frequent but more encompassing of the audience, the music and it’s relationship with other artists and art forms. These events will be presented by seyr’s newly launched label, “Glass Ivy”.

 “I love it when you call out like that, I believe that I’m going to meet my love… call out… call out…People love”