New Video: Canadian Artist Nathan Lawr Releases a Road Trip Friendly Anthem

Nathan Lawr is a Guelph, Ontario, Canada-based singer/songwriter and musician. His forthcoming album Apocalypse Marshmallow is slated for release in July — and of course, to build buzz for the album, Lawr recently released the album’s second and latest single, “Restless.”

Centered around jangling guitars, twinkling keys, propulsive drumming, a rousing hook and earnest, lived-in songwriting,”Restless” is a carefully crafted, 70s AM rock-inspired, road trip anthem that captures the overarching zeitgeist: the bitter, perpetual sense of dissatisfaction with everything; the uneasy desire to suddenly change everything within the drop of a hat; the lack of human connections. In some way, the song will likely hit close to home for many of my readers.

“I wrote this song more than nine years ago,” Lawr recalls in press notes. “I actually can’t remember at all when or where I was when I wrote it. I’ve been making this record for so long, things have gotten pretty blurry along the way. It’s such an eerie feeling, my past self sending me messages through song for the future.”

Shot in a grainy black and white, the recently released video follows a shadowy figure across a wintry and suburban landscape.