New Video: Chiara Foschiani Shares Sultry “Sabotage”

Rising Paris-born-and-based singer/songwriter and pianist, Chiara Foschiani can trace the origins of her music career to when she started piano lessons at eight. The Parisian singer/songwriter and musician started singing when she was 13. She joined a number of local bands, performing on small stages and local music festivals before she started writing her own songs.

Back in 2021, Foschiani released her debut single Trouble Maker featured:

  • Queen of Disaster
  • My Glass of Wine,” a remarkably Portishead-like track
  • God Damn,” a sickly produced, straightforward pop confection rooted in earnest and lived-in lyricism that belies her relative youth

The young Parisian artist’s sophomore EP is slated for a May release. The EP’s first single “Sabotage” is a bold step forward for Foschiani. Featuring wobbling low end, skittering beats, glistening synth arpeggios and enormous, shout-along worthy hooks paired with the young Parisian artist’s self-assured and sultry delivery, “Sabotage” may the most dance floor friendly song she has released to date. But under the slick production is a deeply personal, lived-in story of a narrator who, much like the song’s creator, experienced terrible harassment, survived — and has been trying to regain their confidence and power.

Directed by Mephisto, the accompanying video further emphasizes the song’s central themes: We see Foschiani getting molested and oppressed by dark, murky characters and forces beyond her understanding. But much like the Phoenix, she goes through a fiery rebirth.