New Video: Emerging Melbourne-based Duo The Mirrors Release a Yearning 4AD Records-like Single

Emerging and fairly mysterious Melbourne, Australia-based duo The Mirrors have been busy since their formation, prolifically writing and recording material that they’ll gradually release, including their debut demo EP. The act’s latest single, “I’ll Stay” is brooding yet dance floor friendly bit of pop centered around shimmering and reverb drenched guitars, rapid fire, four-on-the-floor, atmospheric synths, achingly plaintive vocals and a soaring hook.

While sonically seemingly indebted to 4AD Records and 80s New Wave, the song thematically is an achingly bittersweet lament of someone, who is conflicted between the desire to leave their home for greener pastures — and their deep emotional connection to their home.

The recently released video is based around carefully edited footage from the 2008 film The Pleasure of Being Robbed that further emphasizes, the loneliness and yearning at the heart of the song.