New Video: Gold Tongue Shares a Menacing Visual for Anthemic “Who Do You Think You Are”

London, Ontario, Canada-based indie outfit Gold Tongue — Brent Jackson, Danny Shultz, Josh Torrance, and Thomas Perquin — specialize in a hard charging, anthemic take on rock that draws from desert rock, blues and hard rock.

Centered around a chugging and propulsive bass line, steady warpath drumbeat, enormous power chords, an arena rock friendly hook, bursts of twinkling keys, and a 12 bar blues-like song structure, the Canadian band’s high octane, debut single “Who Do Think You Are” is a song specifically meant to be played loud as humanly possible — whether in your car or at a small, sweaty club.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, “Who Do You Think You Are” is inspired by this peculiar moment full of misinformation, mistrust, bullshit and fear — during one of the oddest, most difficult periods of modern history. “Our collective psyches have been beaten to a pulp, our emotions strapped to a rocket ship flown by billionaires into space at a million miles an hour,” the members of Gold Tongue say in press notes.

The accompanying visual is menacing and unsettling, as it features masked figures with black and white imagery of the band’s members superimposed over them. Throughout the video, the faces morph into surrealistic and nightmarish shapes.