New Video: Hungarian Electro Pop Duo Paperdeer Releases a Trippy and Symbolic Visual for “Regularity”

Rising Budapest-based electronic music production and artist duo Paperdeer — Benjámin Kiss and Norbert Biró — will be releasing a new album later this year, written and recorded during pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns.

Earlier this year, the duo dropped a taste of the new album with “Fortress.” Featuring longtime collaborator, Hungarian pop artist Böbe Szécsi, “Fortress” is a sleek and slickly produced track centered around arpeggiated and twinkling synths, atmospheric electronics, skittering beats, a soaring hook and Szécsi’s plaintive vocals. And although the song is bracingly chilly, it’s rooted in the tense uncertainty of our moment as it evokes a pent-up frustration and desperation for necessary change — right now.

The Hungarian electro pop duo’s latest single “Regularity” is a collaboration with ALUMNA centered around looping acoustic guitar, skittering beats, brooding and atmospheric electronics and ALUMNA’s achingly tender vocals. The song’s narrator initially celebrates regularity and predictable routine — but slowly and shakily begins to realize a desire to break out from the security of their mundane routines. Sonically, the song builds up from a melancholic dream to a feverish and pent-up distraction and frustration of someone desperate to break free. “We tried to illustrate the duality of perceptions between young and older generations that is musically accompanied by heavy bassline, agile guitars, and ALUMNA’s fragile voice, which builds from a dream-like melancholy into the feeling of insanity,” the members of Paperdeer explain. ‘The song was inspired by the rigid flip side of the Scandinavian comfort, and an idea of everyday life in a utopic [sic] environment.

Directed by lyricist and longtime collaborator Márton István Szabó, the highly symbolic and trippy visual for “Regularity” employs a carefully picked color platte — deep greens, earthy browns, dark grays — and follows a young boy and a middle-aged man, being chased by wolves in the forest. As the duo explain of the video treatment “‘Regularity’ aims to put you in the perspective of a man, who is bound to his safety and comfort, while feeling an increasing desire to experience danger and excitement, and to live by his heart. The middle-aged man (played by Sándor Tóth) is the soberness that tries to fight against your instincts and drag you back home. Lyricist Márton István Szabó interpreted the concept of the song as “a warning that we tend to grow lazy into our relationships and we almost cage ourselves to the familiarity.” He thinks that the song is also an invitation ‘to roam free, find ways out, to nature, to the conscious rediscovery of ourselves and the world around us.'”