New Video: INEZONA Shares Brooding and Gorgeous “Stardust”

Singer/songwriter, percussionist and guitar Ines Brodbeck is a mainstay of the Swiss music scene, best known for being the creative mastermind and frontperson of the recording project INEZONA. Her third album, 2017’s Gabriel Sullivan-produced Now featured contributions from musicians, who have worked with Calexico, Bob Dylan, Neko Case, and Giant Sand, and saw her drawing from her Latin American roots.

Brodbeck found a creative soulmate in Sullivan, and Now also became the start of a fruitful and ongoing collaboration Back in 2019, Sullivan was in Switzerland and the pair went to Basel-based One Drop Studio with the members of INEZONA — Fabian Gisler (bass, synths) and Eric Gut (drums) — to work on material that Brodbeck had brewing for some time. The end result, the Sullivan, Brodbeck and Gut-produced Heartbeat seems the Swiss-based outfit crafting harmonically and rhythmically complex material that reportedly move like a constantly flowing stream.

“Stardust,” Heartbeat‘s latest single is a Tarantino film-meets-Spaghetti Western-meets-David Lynch film-like song built around an atmospheric arrangement of shimmering pedal steel, strummed guitar, and a steady groove paired with Brodbeck’s gorgeous, yearning delivery. Thematically, “Stardust” is a homage to the power, beauty and immensity of our planet and the universe we inhabit. The song was originally conceived for a dance piece for dancer and choreographer with Brodbeck performing it solo.

Directed and shot in a gorgeous, cinematic black and white by Pascal Dick in Kandern, Germany, the video features Brodbeck (vocals, guitar) and a backing band of Gut (drums), Daniel Somaroo (bass) and Nick Nobody (guitar). A gorgeous black horse plays a major role in the video: We’re first introduced to Brodbeck riding the horse to her bandmates — and as the video proceeds, we see the band with the horse.

A power song with western flair. INEZONA as a full band in the sun with the dust kicking up from a horse all around them. With longing, the song takes you far away to a place of power. The horse as a symbol for the power and movement of our existence. An upbeat of Gabriel Sullivan’s (Tucson, Arizona) signature guitar sound begins the song, inviting the band to engage with a heavy but rolling groove. Ines’ rhythm guitar leads drivingly through the whole song and her voice hovers over it and talks questioningly about the universe and our existence. Fabian Gisler’s synthesizer bass provides the deep bottom and Eric Gut’s backbeat is the pulse of the song with every beat. <> is the name of the second single from INEZONA’s upcoming album <> – visually stunning, spherical and timeless, as we know it from the multi-instrumentalist and singer. . The song consists largely of only two chords and leaves them only in the bridge. Due to the sophisticated, but always different changes of the two chords, the song has something of a snake that creeps through the cactuses on the desert floor in the blazing sun. The video was shot by Pascal Dick in Kandern, Germany with Daniel Somaroo on bass, Nick Nobody on guitar, Eric Gut on drums and Ines Brodbeck on guitar and vocals. Ines Brodbeck meets her band as the front woman of INEZONA on her own horse, which the band then accompanies with full force through the song. Beautiful images of band and horse with the uniquely powerful, spherically melancholic sound of INEZONA. Mystic Dark Americana Western.