New Video: Introducing the Trippy Visuals and The Jesus and Mary Chain-Inspired Sounds of Aarhus, Denmark’s Love Talk

Currently comprised of Casper Iskov (vocals), Mathias Risager (drums), Jens Hyldahl (bassist) and Andreas Frandsen (guitar), the Aarhus, Denmark-based  indie rock quartet Love Talk can trace their origins to when its co-founders Casper Iskov and former member Alex Watts (production) formed the band in 2012. Since their formation, the band has developed a reputation in Denmark for a sound that draws from post-punk, Brit Pop and shoegaze among others while lyrically their material focuses on late night drinking and shenanigans, failure, sorrow, youthful naivete and so on.

Recently the members of Love Talk stopped by Tapetown Studios to record a track with label head and local producer Rasmus Bredvig. Reportedly they did; however, with the tape running, Bredvig suggested that the band come up with something — and the end result was the noisy and grungy, The Jesus and Mary Chain and A Place to Bury Strangers and 90s grunge rock-nodding new single “Fire” in which the band pairs fuzzy, feedback and distortion-laden power chords with a propulsive, angular bass line and metronomic-like drumming while capturing a frenetic, almost primal “you-are-there” with the band sort of explosive energy.

As the story goes, after the session, the band informs that Bredvig that he can do whatever he wants with the song — and apparently Bredvig decided that he should mix it and along with his colleague and collaborator Nikolai Fuglsang, come up with a deadline of a day to create a video for the new song. And the end result is a video compiled of stock footage from the 50s of gorgeous Cadillacs in treated so that it looks like psychedelic-tinged film negatives, complete with the countdown for the film to start and so on. It’s appropriately trippy but interestingly just underneath the placid footage of suburbia, there’s a sense of menace that’s just about to explode from the frame.