New Video: JOVM Mainstay Blinker The Star Goes on a Cosmic Dance Off

Throughout the course of this year, I’ve managed to spill quite a bit of a virtual ink covering Blinker The Star, led by its Pembroke, Ontario-born and-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and creative mastermind, Jordon Zadorozny.

As you may recall after completing a short run of live shows last fall, Zadorozny began working on new Blinker The Star material at this Skylark Park Studio. Interestingly, the solitude of his immediate environment helped informed the material, which eventually comprised his soon-to-be released ninth album Juvenile Universe. “Because the scent of my last album was still fresh in the air, I had been thinking of this album as sort of a continuation of the last one, but when I played it for friends, they all thought it was definitely a step forward,” the Pembroke-born and-based JOVM says in press notes.

So far, i’ve written about four of the album’s previously released singles: The Station to Station-era David Bowie-like “Way Off Wave,” the jangling, 70s rock-like “Only To Run Wild,” the 80s New Wave-like “Silent Types,”  and the psych rock-like “Cairo,” which features a gorgeous string arrangement by Chris Church.

Building up buzz for the soon-to-be released album, Zadorozny recently released Juvenile Universe‘s fifth and latest single, the brooding yet radio friendly New Wave-inspired “Terror of the Heart.” Centered around shimmering guitars, a propulsive and angular bass line and an decidedly 80s inspired drum sound, “Terror of the Heart” evokes the anxiousness and uncertainty of love — and the inevitable fear of heartbreak and rejection.

Directed by Rémi Frechette, the recently released video for “Terror of the Heart” stars Camille Cloutier as a gorgeous, sun-bather and Blinker The Star’s Jordon Zadorozny as an interstellar astronaut, who have a meet-cute and trippy cosmic dance off after Zadorozny’s spaceship crash lands. The video ends with another spaceship that comes to beam our interstellar traveler up and out.