New Video: JOVM Mainstays KOKOKO! Release a Cinematically Shot and Feverish Visual for Brooding Album Single “Zala Mayele”

Led by Makara Biano and prolific French producer débruit, the pioneering Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo-based DIY electronic collective KOKOKO! is inspired by a growing spirit of protest and unrest among their hometown’s young people. Much like young people everywhere, Kinshasa’s young people have begun to openly question centuries-old norms and taboos, and have openly begun to denounce a society they perceive as being paralyzed by fear — namely, the fear of inclusiveness and much-needed change. The collective and their counterparts have done this with a fearless, in-your-face, punk-rock sort of attitude and ethos. That shouldn’t be surprising as the rapidly rising collective’s name literally means KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! — with the collective viewing themselves as the sound and voice of a bold, new generation defiantly and urgently banging on the doors and walls, and yelling “OUR TIME IS NOW!”

Speaking of DIY, the collective’s members operate in a wildly inventive DIY fashion, creating self-designed and self-made instruments from recycled flotsam and jetsam and recovered junk. They even built a recording studio out of old mattresses, reclaimed wood and an old ping-pong table. Unsurprisingly, the act’s creative processes is centered round the notion that poverty and the desperately urgent need to survive often fuels creativity. Now,  as you may recall the Congolese collective exploded into the national scene with their debut EP 2017’s Tokoliana, a forward-thinking, urgent effort featuring a difficult to pigeonhole sound with elements of disco, post-punk, hip-hop, reggae, retro-futuristic funk, Afro-futurism and the region’s traditional music that seemed to come from an alien yet familiar near dystopian future in which the ghetto and the club are intertwined.

Tokoliana‘s follow-up TONGOS’A EP further explored themes of survival within the desperate and uneasy sociopolitical climate of their homeland, in which the average person may be forced on absolute certainties — the small, deeply human pleasures we, in the First World sometimes take for granted.

Last year’s full-length debut Fongola was released to critical acclaim from the likes of NPRThe GuardianMixmag, Mojo, Dazed and i-D Magazine. The Congolese collective made their live, Stateside debut with a tour stop here in NYC, as well as an NPR Tiny Desk Concert, which helped them gain a following here in the States.

Building upon their rapidly growing profile, the Kinshasa-based collective start off their 2020 with the latest single off their critically applauded full-length debut, the percussive “Zala Mayele.” Centered around layers of thumping polyrhythm, a propulsive bass line, a looping sample of a gorgeous string section and distorted vocals, the track may arguably be the most brooding and atmospheric tracks on the entire album — while still being remarkably dance floor friendly.

“‘Zala Mayele’s lyrics are about the dangers in Kinshasa’s streets (thieves, sorcerers, gangs, and more) and the importance of distinguishing what is what, what is hidden under what shape, in disguise and around the corner, in the shadows.” The cinematically shot video for “Zala Mayele” follows a young boy — Issa — as he wanders the streets of his hometown on his own. During his journey, he encounters and is threatened by a variety of dangers booth real and imagined that blind, titillate and confuse him. These dangers “little by little, he will be able to notice and take control with a trip on the other side of the mirror,” the band says in press notes.

KOKOKO! return to Europe for an extensive and lengthy European tour. Check out the tour dates below.

5/7/2020 – Berlin, Germany @ Xjazz festival
5/8/2020 – Leuven, Belgium @ And& Fest
5/14/2020 – Brighton, UK @ Great Escape
5/15/2020 – Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
5/16/2020 – London, UK @Earth
5/20/2020 – Pisa, Italy @ Cinema Lumiere
5/21/2020 – Bologna, Italy @ Locomotiv
5/22/2020 – Milano, Italy @Santeria Toscano 31
5/23/2020 – Trento, Italy @ Teatro Sanbapolis
5/30/2020 – Amsterdam, NL @ Lentekabinet
6/5/2020 – Stockholm, Sweden @Fashing
6/6/2020 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Clandestino Festival
6/13/2020 – Athens, Greece @ Plissken Festival
6/19/2020 – Lucerne, Switzerland @ B-Sides
6/23/2020 – Malmo, Sweden @ Sommarscen
7/4/2020 – Mas D’Azil, France @ Festival Kokopelli
7/9/2020 – Paris, France @ La Plage De Glazart
7/10/2020 – Mons, Belgium @Mons Au Carre
7/11/2020 – Pommard, France @ Festival Rootstock
7/17/2020 – Ostrava, Czech @ Colours of Ostrava
7/18/2020 – Grafenhainichen, Germany @ MELT Festival
7/24/2020 – Brno, Czech @ Pop Messe Festival
7/25/2020 – London, UK @ Naked City