New Video: Saint Kochi Shares Lysergic Animated Visual for “Leeches”

Born in London to parents, who immigrated from India and Kenya, the rising British chamber pop/psych pop artist Saint Kochi has led an extraordinary and unusual life, that for a while got in the way of his real lifetime aim — to make music his entire life, not a part of it. There was so much that occupied his time: a flirtation with genuine stardom as a professional cricket player, parents who doubted hat anyone could survive with a career in the arts, and an unexpected career as a seller of massive ships. 

Saint Kochi continued to push forward with his lifelong dream of making music, releasing last year’s self-titled debut EP. Building upon the growing buzz of his debut EP, the British chamber pop and psych pop artist’s Dom Ganderton co-produced sophomore EP Almost Lost officially dropped today. The EP is a bold step forward for the rising British artist, as it sees him crafting gorgeous and thoughtful music meant to transport the listener to another place.

Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past few months, I’ve written about three of the EPs singles in the lead-up to its release:

  • Almost Lost,” a cinematic track that brought  The BeatlesScott WalkerThe Verve, and JOVM mainstays POND to mind — but while possessing an enormous sound, the song is rooted in intimate and lived-in lyricism that’s personal yet universal. 
  • Out of Time,” a single that features a gorgeous string arrangement paired with a sumptuous bass line, boom bap-like drums, twinkling bursts of keys and Saint Kochi’s plaintive cooing. And much like its immediate predecessor, the widescreen vibes are rooted in intimate, lived-in experience. 
  • Lifeline,” a single that continued a remarkable run of cinematic, swooning, orchestral pop rooted in personal yet universal experience: With “Lifeline,” the song thematically is rooted in the desire to connect with another person, who understands you for you, and is there for you during the most tumultuous and difficult periods and struggles of your life.

Almost Lost‘s fourth and latest single “Leeches” is a stunningly gorgeous and thoughtful song featuring strummed guitar, a soaring orchestral arrangement, a fuzzy and lysergic guitar solo and enormous hooks paired with the rising British artist’s plaintive falsetto. “There is a lyric that is lifted out of a Basquiat painting called Leeches– it made me think a lot about unspoken realities of peoples’ lives that exist alongside our interactions with people and relationships in a very immediate sense,” Saint Kochi says.

While primarily recorded at Saint Kochi’s purpose-built basement studio, the string arrangement performed by the 14-piece string section was recorded at RAK Studios, where iconic albums like Radiohead‘s The Bends and a lengthy list of others was recorded. The string section fulfilled the rising British artist’s ambition of “making a record that had these big cinematic James Bond, Beatleseque type of strings on them.” 

Directed by Kate Renshaw-Lewis and featuring animation, VHS and transfer workday Dillion Moore, the accompanying video for “Leeches” follows an animated Saint Kochi through a lysergic journey through the lives of every day folks he encounters during a regular day in London.

Directed by Kate Renshaw-Lewis

Animation, VHS, Transfer by Dillion Moore