New Video: Tempers Share a Hallucinogenic Visual for Dreamy “Sightseeing”

New York-based synth duo Tempers — Jasmine Golestaneh (vocals) and Eddie Cooper (production) — have diligently carved out their own niche within dark indie, electronica and synth pop circles since their formation. After a series of digital singles released back in 2013, the New York duo began to solidify their sound and approach, a sleek, brooding, nocturnal take on synth pop and dark wave.

The duo’s self-produced album New Meaning is slated for an April 1, 2022 release through Dais Records. As the duo explain, the album is about navigating the unknown, coping mechanisms and exploring the nature of choice. The album’s ten songs reflect on the creation of meaning as a way to access liberation in times of transition and loss while speculating on the transformative potential that exists alongside the grief of living in a world that is an ongoing state of crisis. Much like their previously released material, New Meaning continues a run of nocturnal music, that’s introspective yet quietly intense. 

So far, I’ve written about two of New Meaning‘s previous released singles:

  • Unfamiliar,” a song that sounded indebted to 80s New Wave while evoking our current moment — living in a world that’s gone even madder and more uncertain than ever before. 
  • Nightwalking,” a brooding, hook-driven song centered around icy synth arpeggios, thumping beats, a relentless motorik groove and Golestaneh’s achingly plaintive vocals floating off into the ether. The song manages to evoke late nights wandering around with your thoughts as your only company. 

“Sightseeing,” New Meaning‘s latest single is centered around glistening synth arpeggios, thumping kick and Golestaneh’s achingly plaintive and ethereal vocals. And much like its immediate predecessor, the Soft Metals-like “Sightseeing” evokes nocturnal stills through sleeping cities with your own thoughts and regrets, in that liminal space between dreaming and being alert.

“‘Sightseeing’ looks at the thrill and struggle of urban life,” Tempers’ Jamine Golestaneh explains in press notes. “It’s a song about finding meaning by constantly dissolving, renewing, and redefining oneself, amidst the machinery of the city. The video explores how psychic traces left by memory can transform architecture, and animate parallel worlds. It’s also a continuation of an ongoing theme in our work, investigating the relationship between public and private space.”

The accompanying video by Los Angeles-based Clayton McCracken features a hallucinogenic mix of touch designer programming, vintage video technology, 3D animation and live improvisation that focuses on a journey through a city at night. His work predominantly deals with the role of natural forces in virtual environments, utilizing lights, liquids, and vapors to explore themes of entropy and technological impermanence which thematically fit hand in hand with “Sightseeing”. 

The New York-based duo will be embarking on lengthy national tour that includes a March 31, 2022 stop at Elsewhere’s Zone 1. In May, the duo will be in Europe for a handful of dates. But the word on the street is that Tempers will be announcing some more tour dates in the near future. Until then, tour dates, as always, are below. 


14-Mar-22: Austin, TX – SXSW

31-Mar-22: New York City, NY – Elsewhere Zone 1

02-Apr-22: Pittsburgh, PA – Andy Warhol Museum

04-Apr-22: Detroit, MI – Sanctuary

06-Apr-22: Madison, WI – U. Wisconsin

07-Apr-22: Iowa City, IA – Mission Creek Festival

10-Apr-22: Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle

12-Apr-22: Toronto, ON – The Garrison

13-Apr-22: Montreal, QB – Ritz

16-Apr-22: Seattle, WA – Crocodile 2nd Stage

17-Apr-22: Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios

19-Apr-22: San Francisco, CA – Milk Bar

20-Apr-22: Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon

21-Apr-22: San Diego, CA – Whistle Stop

24-Apr-22: El Paso, TX – The Reagan

27-Apr-22: Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall

28-Apr-22: Austin, TX – Mohawk

13-May-22: London, UK – Moth Club

18-May-22: Paris, FR – Point Éphémère

03-Jun-22: Berlin, DE – Kantine am Berghain