New Video: The Empty Mirrors Team Up with Anastasia Kareva on Sultry and Brooding “Shameless Tango”

Finnish JOVM mainstays The Empty Mirrors publicly cite The CureThe SmithsPJ HarveyPixies and Suzanne Vega as major influences on their sound and approach — but generally speaking, the Finnish outfit specializes in a seemingly 4AD Records/Cocteau Twins-inspired sound. 

If you’ve been frequenting this site over the past year or so, you might recall that the Finnish outfit had a collaborated with Welsh-born, Finnish-based singer/songwriter and musician Jenny Stevens, a.k.a. The Ukelele Girl over the course of a handful of singles including: 

Earlier this week, I wrote about “Who Knows Where The Time Goes,” a slow-burning A Storm in Heaven-meets-4AD Records like song centered around shimmering and swirling guitars, atmospheric synths and a propulsive rhythm section. Adding to the dreamy feel of the entire affair, Glasgow-based, Hungarian-British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Robert Severin contributes his gentle and vulnerable crooned delivery. The end result is a wistful and aching meditation on time, aging and mortality that feels like a gentle lullaby. 

The Finnish act’s latest single “Shameless Tango” is a brooding and atmospheric mix of glistening and swirling Cocteau Twins and A Storm in Heaven-like textures paired with thunderous drumming, a sinuous bass line and Anastasia Kareva‘s yearning, pop belter-like vocal. The end result is a song that feels and sounds as though it draws from trip hop and goth simultaneously — while being accessible.

The accompanying video is fittingly campy and horror themed and features footage shot in a graveyard, the hand of a zombie pushing out of the wet soil, couples tango dancing, soldiers marching and more. It’s a unsettling and apocalyptic fever dream.