New Video: The Neon Sea Shares “120 Minutes”-era MTV-like “As I Wonder”

Tom Doyle is a Dublin-based singer/songwriter, guitarist and creative mastermind behind the emerging Irish shoegaze recording project The Neon Sea. Recorded at The Open Studio, Doyle’s debut single as The Neon Sea, the Dave Flood-produced “As I Wonder” sees the Irish singer/songwriter and guitarist crafting a textured, swirling soundscape that seems simultaneously indebted to Cocteau Twins, RIDE, and A Storm in Heaven-era The Verve paired with Doyle’s ethereal falsetto.

“As I Wonder” features a narrator, grasping with life’s enormous and difficult questions — with the narrator humbly admitting that maybe some of those questions won’t have an answer.

The accompanying video for “As I Wonder” is indebted to 120 Minutes-era MTV as we see Doyle in a performing the song in a studio with flashing, neon-colored strobes — and shot through a mind-bending array of mirrors and filters.