Originally from Columbia, MO, Patrick Phillips (vocals/guitar) and Tyson Moore (guitar/vocals) moved to Brooklyn, and when they reencountered each other in NYC, they decided that they had to play music together again. Nick Atria (bass) and Josh Wehle (drums) were recruited to flesh out the band’s sound and Honduras, a band whose name will likely give your search engine convulsions, was born. 

After the release of their debut EP, Cahokia, in 2012 the band played in a number of Brooklyn area venues such as the soon-to-close 285 Kent, Silent Barn, Muchmore’s and others. The band spent 2013 writing material heavily inspired by Thee Oh Sees, Galaxie 500, the Sex Pistols, and others. 

“Borders” is the latest single off the band’s forthcoming EP, Mortality Cutswhich Black Bell Records will release on February 25th, and the single is a sleazy bit of garage punk with elements of surfer rock, down to the “Oooooo” that’s sung at the hook. For me this reminds me of the music I’ve heard in countless sweaty basements and tiny rooms across the NYC area.