Originally from Manchester, UK and now currently based in London, electronic music artist and producer Clancy has been building up a following since starting out in 2011 with remixes of Little Dragon, the Magician, Yousef and Wilfred Giroux and his original material, which he has released through several different labels including Dirt Crew, S P I E L, and Kitsune thanks to a sound that fuses elements of house, electronic dance music and deep disco.

“Take it Slow,” is Clancy’s latest single and it bears a bit of a resemblance to the work of many of the 100% Silk artists – in particular, the track reminds me a little bit of Octo Octa’s ridiculously impressive Between Two Selves and of Shams‘ Piano Cloud. In other words, the synths pulsate and glisten almost as though they contain dew while being both trippy and danceable.