Out of the Black, Boys Noize (a.k.a Alex Ridha)’s last album landed at number 8 on this site’s Best of List in 2012 as it was one of that year’s most thrilling and interesting electronica/electronic dance music albums I had heard. Although undeniably influenced by countrymen and genre pioneers Kraftwerk, the sound on Out of the Black is noticeably futuristic but instead of clean, gleaming efficiency of Kraftwerk, Black’s sound was incredibly nuanced and glitchy, as though he were using a computer with a faulty hard drive, and gigantic drops, before the sound came back to kick you in the chest. And as you can imagine, the album made him an electronic dance music superstar – with the release of the followup Go Hard EP, Ridha was playing some of the world’s largest festivals. 

February 3rd marks the release of Out of the Black – The Remixes and the album will include unreleased remixes of material from the album from Audion, Oliver, Jimmy Edgar, Housemeister, MMM, Boys Noize DJ edits, and others. Jimmy Edgar remixes “What You Want” in such a way that it’s barely recognizable – it starts off with some eerie chiming that reverberate throughout and although part of the hook is used, it’s stretched out to the point of being only dimly recognizable, while strangely managing to maintain the original’s glitchiness.