Over the last couple of months you may have come across the Brighton, UK-based indie pop sensation, Fickle Friends. Consisting of Natassja Shiner,  Sam Morris, Harry Herrington, Chris Hall and Jack Wilson, the British quintet’s latest single “For You” caused the band to become Hype Machine’s #1 Most Blogged Artist – incredibly without the single being available in the US until Ghost Beach signed the act to his label, Crazy Heart Records

Such success speaks volumes about the strength of the song and its production –  the song possesses the soaring, anthemic hooks sung with plaintive vocals that bear a resemblance to the likes of St. Lucia band Haerts. Plus, it’s a warm, almost wistful summery blast that’s must-needed as the temperatures cool. 

The official video manages to convey the somewhat cinematic feel of the song as it follows a young couple in the anxious, first throes of love and it’s interspersed with the young beautiful people of the band being angsty and cool.