Over the last year or so, it’s been a JOVM tradition around New Year’s to focus a bit on the past. After all, it only seems natural that with the passing of yet another year, that we all become a bit introspective and start thinking about the past, especially as you get older. 

As I’ve mentioned 2014 has been a rather bittersweet, confusing and messy year for me – both professionally and personally. I’ve had a number of incredibly surreal experiences that could only happen to me, and i’ve had a few that have reminded me that life will break your heart. But no matter what, life always pushes you forward. With that in mind, I had falling out with a very dear friend but before our falling out I had introduced her to Gang of Four, a band that I discovered that she was woefully unfamiliar with. And originally, I was searching for live footage of the band to show her when I came across this live concert the British post-punk legends did for the German TV show Rockpalast back in 1983. 

Most of the set is comprised of material off their two seminal albums Entertainment! and Solid Gold with material from other releases. But for me the highlights included “We live as we dream alone” “Not great men,” “To hell with poverty,” “The republic,” “Why theory,” “He’d send in the army” as those are not only some of my favorite songs but it also shows how much of a fundamental influence their sound and lyrics have been to countless acts including R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, Franz FerdinandBloc Party, Radio 4, The Rapture, and others.