Receiving critical praise from the likes of PitchforkGorilla vs. Bear, and Dazed & Confused and others, Danish producer and electronic music artist Tomas Barfod’s debut effort Salton Sea made Barfod an international, electronic music star, thanks in part to a sound that’s been described as a sophisticated mesh of electronics, and a purely improvised sound, as it was written and recorded while Barfod was on the road. 

Love Me, Barford’s sophomore effort may further cement the Danish producer’s reputation for crafting a rich but improvised sound but he adds collaborations with the likes of a string and brass section, Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple and long-time collaborator, vocalist Nina Kinert

In fact, Barfod’s collaborations with Kinert may arguably be some of the most interesting and compelling bits of electro pop I’ve heard in quite some time. Whereas the album’s previous single  "Busy Baby" was sinuous yet languid, “Pulsing” the latest single feels much more urgent and insistent; in fact, the song is comprised of layers of undulating and pulsing synths, forceful, tribal percussion and Kinert’s unhurried, seductive coo. Whereas “Busy Baby” managed to directly evoke Peter Gabriel’s collaborations with  Kate Bush, the latest single manages to evoke the soaring and upbeat pop of St. Lucia. 

Interestingly, Barfod’s videos have been comprised of some rather evocative visuals. And for “Pulsing,” Barfod, Kinert and a drummer were recorded playing the song live in a quiet or possibly abandoned house that has wood floors and sunlight streaming through the windows. And the videographer choses some interesting angles including shooting footage through an open door.