Simon Delacroix is a French DJ and producer, best known in the electronic music world under the moniker of the Toxic Avenger, and as the Toxic Avenger, has quickly developed a reputation for his work possessing a sound that manages to mesh the big bass and undulating synths of house music with a pop sensibility along the lines of contemporaries such as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Boys Noize. 

“To the Sun” featuring the vocals of Tulip is the latest single off Delacroix’s latest effort, Romance and Cigarettes and the track manages to further cement Delacroix’s reputation as an electronic music artist and producer to pay attention to, as the song manages to slickly employ elements of 80s R&B and electronica in the slickly produced fashion, he’s been known for – but with a sensuality that his previously released efforts haven’t had before.