Somehow part of my professional life, whether it’s with my day job or with JOVM involves managing email – kind of poorly but managing it all the same. I recently received an email from a publicist at Kings Head Records, a Miami, FL-based electronica label. And their self-delcared premier artist, Ben Wash recently released “Give Me,” the latest single off his debut full-length effort, Snob Rock.

Originally born in South Carolina, Wash started in music at a very young age; in fact, he was heavily inspired by the likes of Justice, Aphex Twin, and Radiohead’s more experimental work. By 2012, Wash moved to Miami, founded King’s Head Records and then released his debut EP, Wolf along with a number of singles. And from the glitchy looped samples, cascading layers of blistering synths and boom-bap-inspired drums, Wash’s latest single is not only a swaggering, room rocking club-ready track with a cosmic glow, it also reveals that Wash may well be on his way to being one of electronic music’s up-and-coming stars as his production style manages to bear an uncanny similarity to Boys Noize – in particular, i’m reminded of his 2012 release, Out of the Black and of lead single “Ich R U."