Throwback: Happy 120th Birthday, Son House!

It’s officially Aries season, y’all! And the first two weeks or so of the astrological sign is busy and auspicious for music history:

I somehow forgot that the the legendary bluesman Edward James “Son” House was born 120 years ago on March 21st. You can Google this but House’s work and life are fascinating: His career started in the 30s, when he along with collaborators like Charley Patton and Willie Patton innovated the Delta blues style. And although during the first part of his career, he didn’t attain national prominence, his work, which saw him bounce between deep, gritty and aching blues and yearning acapella spirituals was a major inspiration for two guys you may have heard of before — Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson.

Just watch these performances and tell me that Son House wasn’t the greatest bluesman to ever do it. I dare you.

Happy birthday, wherever you are, sir.