Throwback: Happy 62nd Birthday Prince!


Today would have been Prince‘s 62nd birthday. I won’t delve into Prince’s lengthy biography or career highlights — most people know of them anyway and if you don’t know, you can use that Google machine.

Interestingly enough, if you follow me on Twitter (@yankee32879 and @joyofviolent),  you’d know that over the past week or so, I’ve been digging through my virtual crates, playing the work of Black artists and shouting them out to my followers. Black culture is American culture. Let’s not forget that. In the meantime, let’s show love to Prince, his massive influence and his incredible catalog of work. His music brought a lot of joy to my life — and I’m sure it has with you.

Happy birthday, Prince.  I and the rest of your fans wish you were still here with us. I think he could have crafted something rather righteous right now.