Throwback: R.I.P. Biz Markie

Caption: I was at this show. I suspect I was standing slightly to the left of the camera person. I’m pretty sure that I hear myself at one point, too.

I was in Coney Island when my mother texted me with the news that Biz Markie died. Several other people contacted me and we exchanged texts about the news. And because we had heard that Biz was in bad shape, the news of his death wasn’t surprising — but it was still sad all the same.

57 has been reverberating in my life in some way or another over the past decade: my father died shortly after his 57th birthday. Prince died when he was 57. And Biz Markie was 57 when he died. Brothers, we need to take care of ourselves — and each other.

As a hip-hop head and as a child of the 80s Biz Markie’s work has a fond place in my heart and brings back so many great memories: of rushing from school back home to watch YO! MTV Raps and of making mixtapes off the radio. Rest in peace, brother.