Throwback: R.I.P. Mark Lanegan

I was sitting in a Philadelphia bar — long story — when I learned of Mark Lanegan‘s death at 57. And admittedly, I was heartbroken but I wasn’t surprised either: Lanegan has lived a complicated, messy life. For a while, he had the distinction of being one of the grunge legends, who somehow survived — and thrived well into his 50s.

Now, as you might know, I’ve been a fan of Lanegan’s work in one way or another since the early 90s and I’ve managed to have the opportunity to write about him and photograph him for this site. And to write about someone’s work who you’ve long admired has been a wonderful and wild trip.

Do me a favor: Play a Screaming Trees album. Dust or Sweet Oblivion will do. Those albums have the band’s biggest hits. And then play some of his solo work. He was really, really, really good. Few people can write about heartache and lived experience like Mark Lanegan.

Long live Mark Lanegan!