Travis Caine and Katherine Kin, the duo that comprises electronica act Von Haze recently returned to New York after almost a year in London. just in time for the release of their latest full-length effort, Kar Dee Akk Ake, which was released through Pendu Sound Recordings. The new effort reportedly reflects a change in sonic direction for the band as they moved away from the washed-out shoegaze of their previous efforts to a restrained, icy minimalist electronic sound – with a seductive yet laconic feel. (In some way, sonically it owes a debt to Kraftwerk.)

The act was enlisted to remix Tropic of Cancer’s “The One Left” and the Von Haze remix  adeptly captures the band’s name – hazily minimalist, as though the song will slowly dissipate and float away from you but with subtle elements of house music. When I heard this track, I was reminded a bit of Octo Octa and of Shams