Video Review: ackerman Releases a Surreal Visual for “Surf King”

Initially formed in Brooklyn, ackerman is an emerging indie rock trio — Jordan McAfee-Hahn, Bernando Ochoa and Matti Dunietz — is currently a bi-coastal trio that splits their time playing high energy live shows and writing new material. Interestingly, last year saw the band touring and opening for nationally touring bands like Delicate Steve and Glassio at larger venues and a larger listenership for their material, including last year’s A Million Sunflowers EP, which continued and finalized, the thematic narrative established on their previous release, 1000 Variations of Yourself but while exploring a broadening sonic palette and evolving emotional content.

As you all know by now, COVID 19 has derailed the plans and hopes of countless musicians and artists for an indefinite period of time; but the band had been gearing up for more live shows this year, including with sets at this year’s New Colossus Festival — and a handful of singles, including the breezy  guitar pop “Surf King.” Centered around layers shimmering guitars, blown out beats, a soaring hook and plaintive vocals, the single manages to be a warm, summery, escapist blast; a hope for warmer and brighter days ahead.  Let’s be honest here, dear readers, things are dire — and they will probably get worse in the near future. But I have faith that in time, brighter days will come.

Interestingly, the song is centered around a bitter irony: it’s a love song for a city that’s it tough to be broke in. We’ve all been there at some point. And as the band seems to suggests: then it’s time to head to the beach at least.

Directed by the band’s Jordan McAfee-Hahn, the recently released video for “Surf King” follows a disaffected and bored protagonist as he goes about summertime activities, which gives the video a surreal, art film air.