When it comes to electronic music, Bristol, UK has been the hotbed of a particular brand of bass music. And interestingly enough, electronic music artist and producer Julio Bashmore has managed to be an outsider to that established scene, as his first love has always been house music; in fact, he credits being on the periphery of Bristol’s electronic music scene as allowing to create his own take on house music, 

His latest single “Simple Love” featuring J’Danna reminds me quite a bit of Octo Octa’s impressive Between Two Selves in the sense that the song is comprised of layers of echoing synths, hot flashes of cymbals, precise drum programming and vocals that seem to burst forth from the icy depths. Pay attention to how the hook ties into the tight and propulsive groove Bashmore has created – it’s some of the slickest production work I’ve heard in some time.