With the release of her debut single “This Human Ache,” 23-year-old, Rhode Island-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and electro pop artist Elisa Coia has quickly received praise for a breezily atmospheric sound consisting of subtle layers of ethereal and twinkling synths, gently swirling electronics and contemporary pop production with Coia’s effortlessly big, soulful voice that seems to nod to several beloved R&B and pop artists – but without mimicry. 

This single as well as the rest of the material that will appear on Coia’s forthcoming debut EP, This Human Ache was self-produced and based on the first single, I think that we could be looking at an artist and producer with a rather unique aesthetic. 

The recently official video possesses a surreal, dream-like logic while nodding to 80s films and it adds a decadent sensibility to Coia’s breezy, hook laden pop.