With the release of his previous four albums, 1983 (2006), Los Angeles (2008), Cosmogramma (2010), and Until the Quiet Comes (2012), the Los Angeles-based producer, electronic music artist, and emcee Flying Lotus has won critical acclaim for his genre-defying work. And his forthcoming released fifth effort, YOU’RE DEAD will further cement his reputation for a sound that’s accessible and yet incredibly difficult to pigeonhole. The first single “Never Catch Me” featured guest vocals by Kendrick Lamar, and managed to fuse contemporary hip-hop with drum ‘n’ bass electronica, breezy bop jazz and jazz fusion in a seamless fashion. “Coronus, The Terminator,” the latest single off YOU’RE DEAD is something altogether different; in fact, sonically, the song manages sound more like contemporary soul and R&B but slightly psychedelic with subtle elements of dub step and a breezy, almost cosmic feel.