As I’ve frequently mentioned on this site, I receive a lot of emails from a variety of artists from all over the world. Just today, I received emails from bands based in Norway, The Netherlands and Canada, as well as an email from French electronic music artist, remixer, DJ and producer Manu El Chino

The French producer recently released a visionary reworking/remix of Axwell’s “I Found U.” And what makes it visionary is that Manu El Chino’s version of the song only retains the vocal sample but has it pitched down to slow it down to a syrupy pace, along the house music feel; however, the remix uses propulsive drum programming, hot flashes of cymbal, undulating synths  and room shaking bass before a bridge that employs the use of cascading layers of glistening synths. In some way, the Manu El Chino remix turns the song into the sort of song that would rumble and rock a large club.