Despite the fact that Jeffrey Jacob originally hails from Memphis, TN and grew up listening to Link Wray and Phil Collins, and that Angela Gail grew up in small town Muskegon, MI and found songwriting inspiration while living on a small boat in the West Indies, the duo were in a Los Angeles-based grunge rock band, playing bass and guitar respectively. But while at SXSW one year, Jacob and Gail recognized that they had a very special musical chemistry and their project In the Valley Below was born.

“Peaches” the latest single off the band’s Capitol Records debut Man Girl EP manages to be hazy yet atmospheric, while possessing a tight extremely memorable hook and an anthemic chorus. Lyrically, the song consists of a playful double entendre —on one level, it’s a celebration mutual attraction and sensuality, suggesting that a moment of pleasure is worthwhile; but it also can be about eating peaches and the sensual moment of eating fruit. So with that in mind, the song is coyly coquettish — it’s the sort of song you’d play to flirt with a cute girl or the sort of song you’d play during an intense make out session. 

Although best known for his work in Bloc Party, Kele Okereke has lately developed a reputation for crafting a number of incredible remixes, and he recently took a turn at remixing In the Valley Below’s “Peaches,” turning the song into a thunderingly percussive house music track, with sinuous synths – and in some way, Okrerke’s remix bears an uncanny resemblance to some of the great artists on 100% Silk and others. In particular, I can’t help but think of Octo Octa and Shams