Earlier this week, the folks at Red Bull Music Academy invited electronic music legend (and forefather) Giorgio Moroder to stop by for an interview/lecture before what was billed as his first live DJ set at the Deep Space Party at Output in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

This nearly two hour interview and talk is pretty fascinating on a number of levels. Throughout, Moroder candidly talks about his life, his music, his creative process, his career, the musicians and vocalists he’s worked with, and even the mistakes he made with humility and a warm, self-effacing sense of humor. There are a couple of hilarious stories, which proves that the adage of the six degrees of separation are absolutely true such as – the story about how Moroder won a vocal competition in Spain, and several years after the competition, he had learned that the person he beat in the competition was none other than Julio Iglesias. Yeah, really. 

You’ll hear about how Moroder came to use the synthesizer and discover that although synthesizers were the sound of the future, they were unwieldy and difficult to use at the time. And of course, he not only talks about how he met Donna Summer in Munich, he also talks about the recording process for several of her hit songs. In fact, he reveals how during the mixing process, he screwed up the mix up slightly on one song – apparently, if you stood slightly more right of center in a club, you’d hear that the sound was slightly different. Ooops. 

You’ll also hear about his collaborations with Blondie, Berlin and others – and how despite the fact that his work with them lead to some of their greatest successes, that they kind of hate it. And of course, much more. 

It’s a fascinating interview. Check it out.