Electronic music artist and producer Marc Cutler, performs, writes and produces under the moniker of Lone, and as Lone he’s developed a reputation for a production style that bears an analogy to impressionistic painting – as brightly colored melody through his tracks are drizzled throughout and chords delicately ripple and undulate towards the listener. “Aurora Northern Quarter,” the first single off Cutler’s fifth full-length release, Reality Testing manages to continue Cutler’s reputation for a very impressionistic style while combining elements of old school hip-hop and old school Chicago house and Detroit techno. 

Starting with delicate, swirling electronics and glistening keyboard chords and throbbing bass, the track undulates and ripples slowly toward the listener and although the song sounds as though it could have been released in 1990, it manages to also be remarkably modern, bearing a subtle resemblance to Octa Octo’s Between Two Selves, as it has an ethereal nature.