If you’re familiar with this site, you’d probably remember that I’ve written about the remarkably prolific electronic artist, producer and DJ Gosteffects. And as a producer and artist, he has developed a reputation for an anthemic, crowd-pleasing sound that employs the use of layers of propulsive and glitchy synths, swirling electronics, room-rattling drum and bass, and mechanized vocal samples. In some way, his sound reminds me a little bit of Fat of the Land-era the Prodigy and Boys Noize’s fantastic Out of the Black but sweatier and grimier, and arguably much more house music based. And I have to admit that I really dig the guy’s sound as it can absolutely rock a party. 

Gosteffects recently released a remix of Wrongchilde’s “Falling in Love Will Kill You” feat. Gerard Way – yes, the Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame, who recently released a solo effort. The original song is a dreamy and sincere pop ballad that sounds as though it owed a great debt to The Beatles – I’m somehow reminded of “Penny Lane.” Gosteffects’s remix retains Gerard Way’s plaintive wail but pairs his vocal with the sound that Gosteffects has been known for, turning the song from a pop ballad to a slickly produced, anthemic club banger that also manages to possess a cosmic glow.