Marcus Lambkin writes, records and performs under the moniker of Shit Robot. DFA Records will be releasing Lambkin’s sophomore effort as Shit Robot, We Got a Love on March 18th. 

Recorded in NYC and in Germany the album features a boatload of special guests including DFA Records labelmates Nancy Whang (famously known for her time in LCD Soundsystem),Museum of Lovethe Rapture’s Luke Jenner, hip-house star Lidell Townsell, Australian singer Holly Backler and Reggie Watts. Some of the collaborations had been discussed off and on for some time, and others were collaborations that came about through a matter of coincidence and luck. Album title track, “We Got a Love” featured Reggie Watts on vocals singing in the lyrics in a falsetto before singing in a husky baritone at the bridge. The track itself is house music that radiates with a cosmic and otherworldly glow — influenced by a little bit of jazz as Watts scats at one point, with a keyboard solo. 

Lambkin recruited Leisure Connection to remix “Do That Dance” featuring Nancy Whang, and the result manages to playfully mesh both Chic-era disco (thanks to the use of slide whistle) and early house music (thanks to layered and pulsing synths). And with an extended groove and hook, the track should immediately bring the idea of 12 inch singles played by a DJ in a long-gone club like Danceteria – and it makes me a little sad that I was way too young in those days, and missed it.