New Audio: Kisses’ Disco-Friendly, New Single “Jam”

Comprised of Zinzi Edmundson and Jesse Kivel, the Los Angeles-based duo Kisses have developed a reputation for crafting records that had been intentionally and conceptually cohesive synth pop — with both Edmundson and Kivel assembling a series of songs that had been unified by space and time or an overarching idea or feeling that they felt needed to be expressed. However, the duo’s forthcoming effort Rest in Paradise eschews that approach as the duo focused on what they thought were the best written songs — and instead of a purely synth-based sound, they started to focus on full-instrumentation, recruiting Andrew Raposo and several other members of highly acclaimed dance music act, Midnight Magic. And as the Edmunson and Kivel note in press notes, the material off the new album is draws from Rick James, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Remain in Light-era Talking Heads, Rod Stewart‘s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” and Paul McCartney’s “Goodnight Tonight” and “Silly Love Songs.”

Rest in Paradise‘s latest single “Jam” consists of a sinuous bass line, four-on-the-floor drumming, falsetto vocals, layers of shimmering and gently cascading synths and Nile Rodgers-like funk guitar chords played through reverb pedals to create a song that sounds as though it could have been released in 1982 as it possesses a disco-leaning, club-friendly feel, complete with lyrics begging a lover to the dance floor — but with a thoughtful, singer/songwriter heart as the material reportedly is inspired by the uncertainty of the duo’s future, as well as everyone else’s while suggesting that things are born, die and born again in completely different, strange and beautiful ways. But in terms of the song, it’s a playful, neon-bright dance song that should get you in a good mood — and quick.