New Video: Alex McMahon Teams Up with La Bronze on the Ethereal and Otherworldly “Qalbi Dialna”


Quebec-based Alex McMahon is an acclaimed and prolific musician, who will embarking on a solo career with the October 18, 2020 release of his solo debut, Expat, genre-defying album initially created as the soundtrack of the TVA and Casa TV series of the same name. Centered around material that possesses elements of funk, soul, R&B and electro pop, the album finds McMahon collaborating with a collection of Montreal’s best talent including Alaclair Ensemble‘s Eman, The Brooks’ Alan Prater, Radio Radio‘s GABIO, La Bronze and a lengthy list of others.

“Qalbi Dialna,” which translates from Arabic to English as “My Heart to Us,” is the third and latest track from McMahon’s forthcoming debut. The song features La Bronze’s delicate and yet yearning vocals gliding over a lush yet ethereal production featuring strummed acoustic guitar, stuttering trap beats, twinkling keys and atmospheric synths to create a song that’s mesmerizing and  otherworldly. And yet, the song is a swooning and achingly tender song that uses the desert as a metaphor for a warm, passionate love.

The recently released video for “Qalbi Dialna” is an equally hypnotic and feverish visual featuring hallucinogenic overlays of exotic and unfamiliar landscapes to create a vaporous, otherworldly feel.