New Video: Berlin-based DJ and Producer Dan Curtin Releases a Trippy Visual for Hypnotic “Soul System”

American-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Dan Curtin released his latest effort Soul System EP through Sound of Berlin earlier this year. Meshing elements of several different electronic music genres and sub-genres, ranging from house, funk, hip-hop and techno among others, the EP bristles with a familiar nostalgia for when clubs were open and dance floors were packed with sweaty and euphoric club goers every weekend.

The EP’s latest single, title track “Soul System” is a hypnotic and minimalism late night club banger centered around shimmering synth arpeggios phrases ethereally float over skittering and glitchy beats, chopped up vocals and a euphoric inducing hook. Sonically, the song is a slick synthesis of Larry Levan house and Kraftwerk — with the song possessing a cosmic sheen.

“I mainly used external analogue and digital gear and samples to craft these tracks,” Dan Curtin says in press notes about the EP’s creative process. He adds “The vocal sample in Body Flap Position and the namesake for the track is from NASA astronauts performing a docking manoeuvre on the ISS. Soul System is just a fast cruise around the solar system leaned back with an arm out the space window! I’m presenting deep emotion and deep groove with hard beats on this EP. That’s the combo I was feeling when in the studio doing these tracks!”

Animated by Rose Bonica, the recently released video is a guided tour of our solar system, as the viewer passes by planets and moons but as the beats build up, we see the planets undulate and vibrate to the song in what feels like a fever dream. “As Dan Curtin said, Soul System is a fast cruise around the solar system leaned back with an arm out the space window and that’s exactly where the track sent me!” The video’s animated says.