New Video: El Dusty and Happy Colors Team Up For a Futuristic Reworking of Traditional Latin Sounds

Born and reared in Corpus Christi, TX producer and DJ, El Dusty (a.k.a. Horacio Olivera) is a pioneer of a revolutionary new subgenre, nu-cumbia, which meshes modern production techniques with classic Latin music in the form of chopped up samples. El Dusty’s latest single “Cumbia Anthem,” a club banging collaboration with Dominican twerk producer, Happy Colors meshes woofer and tweeter rattling 808s, tons of trap-inspired snare drum, and a glitchy and incredibly chopped up sample from Colombian cumbia star Andrés Landero’s “Bailando Cumbia.” And although it’s incredibly modern, it the track retains the sound and feel of a classic cumbia song –while being larger than life and anthemic.

The recently released official video was shot and directed by Locos Only, Produce Design Team and Mucho Fresco and it features vatos, cholos, masked dudes gluing posters about the new movement everywhere, and people losing their shit at the club. And from the video it suggests that the sound El Dusty has pioneered represents a growing movement among Latino youth and artists  — a movement that’s futuristic and yet committed to maintaining a vital connection to the past.