New Video: Emerging French Artist ELKEEN Shares a Dance Floor Friendly Bop

Fanny Boyer is a young and emerging French singer/songwriter and pop artist, best known as ELKEEN, who began to write her own songs based on her own life — her desires, disappointments, good times, bad times, etc. — back in 2019. Along with collaborator and producer Denis Clavaizolle, the pair’s work draws heavily from 80s and 90s pop and New Wave.

In 2020, the young French pop artist released her 21-song, full-length debut Tender Enemy, which featured attention grabbing tracks like “It’s Time to Groove,” “Burning Bright,” and “The Beauty and the Beast.” Boyer’s sophomore album Love Life is slated for release this summer — but earlier this year, she released the album’s first single “If Only.” Centered around a propulsive, disco-influence bass line, some Nile Rodgers-like funk guitar, glistening retro-futuristic synth arpeggios, Boyer’s powerhouse vocals and a crowd pleasing hook, “If Only” is a nostalgia-inducing song on two different levels: if you’re a child of the 80s as I am, this one will bring fond memories of the 80s synth funk and pop you heard and loved growing up; but it’s also rooted in a familiar, age-old sentiment “if I had only known what I know now” and longing for someone, you probably can’t get back.

Directed by Boyer, the accompanying video for “If Only” employs a relatively simple concept: a black jumpsuit wearing Boyer performing the song in a cavernous, old wine cellar — with lasers exploding everywhere.