New Video: Emerging French Duo The Pink crows Take Viewers Through a Tour of the Galaxy

Emerging French electro pop duo The Pink Crows — Swedish-born, French-based Hanna Hågglund (vocals) and French-born and-based Franck Rapp (production) — can trace their origins to a chance meeting that for the duo may have been destined. The French electro pop duo specialize in and sound and approach that meshes 70s and 80s rock and funk with electronic production.

The duo’s latest single, “Les Montagnes Russes” is centered around a sinuous, 70s disco-inspired bass line, twinkling keys, shimmering synths, skittering four-on- the-floor, Hågglund’s ethereal cooing and a rousingly anthemic hook. The end result is a song that finds the duo crafting a slick and infectious synthesis of Giorgio Moroder-like disco and Dead Blue era Still Corners.

Produced by Franck Rapp and Antonio Maria Da Silva, the recently released video for “Les Montagnes Russes” features a collection of humans leaving an Earth-like planet being bombarded by asteroids on a traveling club that travels through the galaxy, like a sort of intergalactic subway. At each stop, a few more gorgeous people and some aliens join the non-stop party, a part that goes past the planets of our solar system, past a black hole and towards a cosmic disco ball — because, of course.