New Video: Emerging French Pop Artist DYNAH Releases a Slow-Burning Pop Confection

Melody Linhart is a Paris-based singer/songwriter and musician, who started her career playing jazz, folk and soul music. Linhart’s latest musical project, DYNAH, which derives its name from two syllables in her name is a decided — and radical — change in sonic direction for the French singer/songwriter, with her sound leaning towards the electro pop sounds of Clara Luciani, James Blake, Christine and the Queens and ACES among others.

Through collaborations with French, British, Spanish and Dutch producers, Linhart has been adopting a much more straightforward songwriting approach fueled by a desire for simplicity. “Songs have to come self-evidently,” Linhart says in press notes. Interestingly, Linhart has found the new sound and approach of DYNAH to be liberating. “Pop music is a good excuse to talk about love and sensuality,” the rising French singer/songwriter adds.

Thematically, her material generally touches upon dreams, pleasure, motherhood and other topics with a sincerity and earnestness — while also drawing upon feelings and thoughts she’s experienced in her own life. Linhart’s DYNAH debut EP, Page Blanche is slated for release in October, and the EP’s latest single, EP title track “Page Blanche” is  a slow-burning bit of minimalist electro pop centered around shimmering and buzzing synths, skittering beats, brief blasts of strummed guitar, Linhart’s plaintive vocals singing lyrics written in English and  French and a soaring hook.  And while revealing  some earnest songwriting that seemingly comes from deeply personal, lived-in experience, the track is an ambitious pop confection.

Directed by Vincent Bordes, the slick and recently released video stars the rising French pop  artist with dancers, expressively dancing to the song, helping to further emphasize the ache at the core of the song.