New Video: Frankie and the Witch Fingers Share a Furious Ripper

Since initially forming in Bloomington, IN over a decade ago, Los Angeles-based psych rock outfit Frankie and the Witch Fingers — featuring core trio Dylan Sizemore (vocals, guitar), multi-instrumentalist Josh Menashe and Shaughnessy Starr (drums) — have long been known for restless experimentation rooted in multiple permutations of their lineup, and for a high-powered, scuzzy, garage punk meets thrash punk take on psych rock centered around absurdist lyrics, often fueled by dreams, hallucinations, paranoia and lust. The end result is material that manages to be simultaneously mischievous and menacing.

When Starr joined the band, the band went through one of their many sonic permutations, which led to a lysergic and claustrophobic sound rooted in heavy, Black Sabbath-like riffage.

2020’s Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters . . .was released through Greenway Records and Levitation Festival‘s label The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Recorded in a breakneck five-day recording session, the album features much more insidiously evil and ambitious material while capturing the band in the middle of massive personnel changes: Longtime bassist Alex Bulli left the band and as a result, Josh Menashe wound up writing and playing most of the albums bass parts with occasional contributions from Dylan Sizemore.

Interestingly, much like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard‘s 2019 effort Infest the Rats Nest, Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters . . . saw the band crafting expansive, maximalist material with fewer moving parts.

Since the release of Monsters, the members of Frankie and The Witch Fingers have been busy: They’ve written and recorded new material, which included last year’s “Cookin'” seven inch. “Cookin’” further cements the Los Angeles-based psych rockers’ long-held reputation for scorching rifffage paired with a punchy baseline and a rousingly anthemic, sing-along chorus. While superficially, a rollocking party starter, the song is rooted in incisive social commentary commentary with the song calling out humanity’s obliviousness, greed and wastefulness with a righteous fury.

Just as they about to embark on a series of Stateside shows before heading to Australia, Frankie and The Witch Fingers share their newest single “Electricide,” the A-side of a double single that sees the Los Angeles-based psych rockers crafting a breakneck, mosh pit ripper centered around scorching, eardrum shattering riffage paired with Sizemore’s howls and shouts. Interestingly, “Electricide” sees the band capturing the heaviness and power of their explosive, sweaty live show.

Directed by Bez Martinez, the accompanying video for “Electricide,” is set at a photo shoot for a a new, titular, Gatorade-like drink that turns very strange: The shoot’s model, Natty Jackson, winds up passing out and being taken to a weird and dark plane of the universe, where nanobots plot to take over our plane.

Tour Dates

Oct 21 – WJCT Soundstage – Jacksonville, FL #

Oct 22 – Hooch and Hive – Tampa, FL ~

Oct 23 – Gramps – Miami, FL ~

Oct 25 – Alabama Music Box – Mobile, AL ~

Oct 26 – Gasa Gasa – New Orleans, LA ~

Oct 27 – Secret Group – Houston, TX ~

Oct 28 – Tropicasa – McAllen, TX ~

Oct 29 – Lola’s – Fort Worth, TX ~

Oct 30 – Levitation – Stubb’s – Austin, TX +

Nov 1 – Hotel Congress – Tucson, AZ ~

Nov 8 – The Gov – Adelaide, AUS

Nov 9 – Triffid – Brisbane, AUS 

Nov 10 – THE CURTIN – Melbourne, AUS 

Nov 11 – THE CURTIN – Melbourne, AUS

NOV 12 – Metro Theater- Sydney, AUS 

Nov 13-  The Rosemount- North Perth, AUS   

~ w/ Kairos Creature Club

# w/ W.I.T.C.H., PAINT, and Kairos Creature Club

+ w/ The Black Angels, La Femme, and DAIISTAR