New Video: Italian Shoegazers We Melt Chocolate Shares Stormy “No Meaning Man”

Formed back in 2014, Florence-based shoegazers We Melt Chocolate over the course of a handful of releases — a self released demo and EP, followed by 2019’s self-titled, full-length debut — have firmly cemented a noisy take and approach that equally draws influence from My Bloody Valentine, Lush, and even The Sugarcubes.

The Italian shoegazers’ highly-anticipated and long-awaited sophomore album is slated for release in October. But in the meantime, the band’s first bit of new material in four years, “No Meaning Man” alternates between dreamy and stormy passages built around a relentless motorik groove, layers of distorted and fuzzy guitar textures, shimmering synths, thunderous drumming paired with reverb-soaked vocals buried within the oceanic mix.

The members of We Melt Chocolate explain that when the pandemic ended, that they were finally able to attempt to complete some material that was unfinished before everything went to a screeching halt. Their latest single was a part of that collection of material. “No Meaning Man” went through several different iterations before its current version. “The sound tries to find a point of encounter between noise moments and more ethereal moments, a contrast that has always fascinated us.”

Lyrically, the song speaks speaks of disillusionment of others — particularly with those superficial people, who base their lives on appearances and conceal their vapidity and lack empathy towards others. “They don’t have the courage to be themselves and exist honestly, but rather live their live on lies,” the band says.

The accompanying video sees the band performing the song in an empty club with a trippy light display.