New Video: London’s Jessica Wilde Releases a Soulful Banger

Jessica Wilde is a rising London singer/songwriter, spoon word who has been both behind the scenes and in the spotlight as a solo artist: Wilde has written songs for renowned K Pop label, SM Entertainment — and she has collaborated with Rudimental, Emeli Sande, Tough Love and Kizzo. As a solo artist, Wilde’s work has begun to receive airplay across BBC Radio with airplay from Robert Elms, Claira Hermet, Salma El-Wardany and LionHeart and Amelia Poamz, as well as Record of the Week nods from BBC Radio 1xtra and BBC Radio London. Her material has also bene played on KISS FM, Hoxton Radio, Reprezent Radio, Amsterdam’s Radio 5 and many others. Wilde has also landed material on UK Spotify’s Pride Editorial Playlist.

Adding to a growing platform, Wilde has been interviewed by The Independent, featured in Clash Magazine, Wonderland, The Daily Star, WordPlay, Cool Hunting, Noctis Magazine, and SBTV’s New Music Friday. Her life story, which features battles with addiction and struggles with sobriety have caught the attention of several podcasts and influencers, who focus on sexuality and addiction, including Mouth Off, Muso Muso and a live interview with sober blogger Katie McNicol.

Wilde’s forthcoming album is a concept album with each song being much like a diary entry, in which the listener is taken on a journey from addiction, bad behavior and toxic relationships to self-love and sobriety. “Daylight,” the album’s fourth single continues Wilde’s ongoing collaboration with producers Eljay and Kris Houston. Centered around a warm and vibey production that gently nods at old school soul, paired with thumping beats, “Daylight” is roomy enough for Wilde’s big soulful vocals –before showing her off that she can spit some bars, too. But at its core, the song tells the tale of a dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship fueled by reckless and debauched partying that morphs into a destructive, self-sabotaging Groundhog’s Day. i

Filmed and edited by Nathaniel, the recently released video for “Daylight” follows Wilde through a seemingly endless cycle of booze and drug fueled nights with a lover, filled with passionate love making, drag out, knock down fights and early morning, hung over come downs, full of regret and shame that only ends with Wilde walks away and breaks the cycle.