New Video: Montreal’s ALIAS Releases a Trippy Visual for Anthemic “King”

ALIAS is an emerging Montreal-based signer/songwriter and musician. Developing a bit of a reputation locally as an introvert, who has recovered through some troubles, the Montreal-based artist’s material generally tells tales of lonely, endearingly sweet yet kind of schizophrenic cowboy types having a pleasant LSD trip. Sonically, his work features elements of psych pop and psych rock; in fact, his latest single “King” begins with a folksy strummed guitar intro before quickly morphing into a fuzzy power chord driven anthem with an infectious hook.

The emerging Montreal-based artist explains that the song, which makes a reference to a Tekken 3 character by the name of King, describes “the feeling of being a fighter instead of fearing. It’s the sentiment of becoming a beast instead of being a prey.”

Featuring ALIAS and his backing band — JB Beltra, Simon Bilodeau and Vincent Beneze — the video switches between footage of the Montreal-based artist and his band performing the song, leopards on the hunt and a swaggering leopard mask wearing character.