Produced by former DFA Records head Tim Goldsworthy, Victoria Hesketh, a.k.a. Little Boots’ sophomore effort. Nocturnes (which was released May 7th through Hesketh’s On Repeat Records) has seen critical praise from the likes of the folks at Alternative Press for it’s irresistible, sexy hooks and a sound that is heavily inspired by house music, disco and at times employs futuristic-sounding electronics.

TIm Goldsworthy was enlisted for this new remix of “Broken Record (Dance Dub Remix),” the latest single off Nocturnes.  Goldsworthy remix keeps the sweaty, all too human sensuality of the original track but his slickly produced remix is densely layered with a variety of synthesizers,  subtly percussive as you’ll hear gongs and bells chiming throughout. In addition to that, his remix brings to mind Echoes-era the Rapture – in the sense that it’s a club banger that doesn’t do fulfill all the genre conventions of electronic dance music.