Shinichi Osawa has been a pivotal and extremely influential member of Japan’s electronic music and DJ scene. Originally, the founding member of Mondo Grasso, which was initially started as a band and became more of a solo project in which he recorded under the moniker of his old band, Osawa’s Mondo Grasso has been named one of his country’s 100 Top Pop Artists; but as a DJ, he’s considered one of Japan’s top house and electronica DJs.

So far this year has been a very big year for the Japanese electronic music legend as he’s collaborated with the Parisian artists BeatauCue for their Falcon Punch EP and has released a bunch of remixes of Etienne de Crecy, Digitalism and the incredible Boys Noize. French EDM/house/electronica label Kitsune recently signed Osawa, and double single “Breaking Through the Night/All I Need” is his Kitusne debut. The EP features three remixes of “Breaking Through the Night” including this one by Eggo, a producer who’s gaining notoriety in his native France. Interestingly Eggo’s remix consists of a shimmering and pulsating synths that build up into a smooth but propulsive motorik grove, around minimalist beats in a way that will remind you a little bit of Kraftwerk.